how & why

ju.wls was created with intention to remind us all to be our best and highest selves 

the initial concept of ju.wls stemmed solely from the idea behind the affirmation collection - which was to wear/promote words that align with one's highest self

as a collective, we wear so many labels and logos in efforts to maintain "status" or to "impress" others - so we should certainly be just as excited to wear words that remind ourselves and others of the self love that is actually the only thing that matters

once the initial pieces were envisioned, so was the thought that this idea would catch on and naturally grow into a community-so this became the plan

ju.wls is more than a jewelry line

ju.wls is a community

very often, we all need that comfort level, but also that push to be our very best

there is no judgement in the community- just inspiration, love and gratitude

the intention is that you let ju.wls serve as your gentle reminders of self love, no matter which piece(s) you choose

we are so grateful for your support and super excited to see how you will let your ju.wls shine